About us

Intergate Immigration Service offers the most comprehensive immigration service for individuals and companies looking to relocate to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia as well as a worldwide visa service

From our initial service offering of permits and visas for South Africa, Intergate has expanded its operations to now also include New Zealand and Australia as well as a worldwide visa service.

Intergate Immigration Service has an enviable record when it comes to successfully completed visa and immigration cases. To date we have helped thousands of individuals and families and regularly assist in excess of 150 companies with the correct permits and visas. Whether on business or holiday we also assist visitors to South Africa with their temporary visa requirements in addition to helping in excess of 25,000 South African visitors to Germany each year.

The basis for our success is not just our years of experience in the immigration and visa fields or  the professionalism of our immigration consultants, but more our individual approach to each client and our compassion and attention to each person’s destiny.

The Intergate Immigration team understands and is particularly empathetic to the rigours, uncertainty, frustrations and difficulties associated with visas and migration. Most of our senior management has been through the migration process themselves and are subsequently able to draw on their own personal experiences.

We offer an unchallenged wealth of knowledge and experience of international and local issues to simplify the visa and migration process for all our clients.

Intergate Immigration Service has an expert team of immigration consultants who have the latest knowledge on immigration legislation and well established researched information on expected relocation procedures and changes.

Intergate Immigration offers customized relocation solutions in various forms like Visitors Visa, Study Permits, Business Permits, Relatives Permits, Spousal and Life Partner Permits, Work Permits, Corporate Permits, Retired Person Permit , Provincial Nomination Schemes and all other kinds of visa and permit matters.

For more information please visit our website at www.intergate-immigration.com