Why do I need a property buyer’s consultant in South Africa?

Estate agents in South Africa are mandated by the Seller and therefore look after the Sellers best interest. A Buyers consultant will focus on the needs of the buyer only.

Buyer’s agents assist prospective homebuyers and immigrants with finding a home suited to their needs. They make finding a home easier, especially to those who are not too familiar with the buying process or areas they are searching in.

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Does South Africa offer property for every price level?

Price is mainly determined by location. Knowledge about the area is critical to ensure the right price is paid. A Buyers agent provides this knowledge.

A small bed-sitter (Bachelor flat) in the greater Cape Town can be purchased for about R650 000, whilst family homes start at R2 million upwards.

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South Africa Property: How can I secure myself against hidden defects?

Every sale agreement of a normal South African residential property with a house and its usual outbuildings will contain a voetstoots clause freeing the Seller from any liability for patent and/or latent defects, which the Buyer may later find when taking occupation of the property.

Therefore you should get a buyers agent to assist you, otherwise you have no guarantees. You will find more information on our SA HomeBuyers website athttp://www.sahomebuyers.co.za/property-law-in-south-africa/