Can I rent out my investment property I purchase in South Africa?

Yes, rentals are in high demand in South Africa, not only long term rentals but holiday accommodation too.

Due to the high interest rates, South Africans find it cheaper to rent a property than buy a property. The properties that they can rent are much nicer and larger properties than they would be able to afford to purchase.

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What happens to my rental deposit on a property in South Africa?

The rental deposit will be kept in an account and the full deposit amount, plus the interest earned, must then be returned to you when you move out less the costs of damages caused by you and any monies you may still owe to the landlord in terms of the lease.

How much will it cost me to rent a property in South Africa?

Depending on the size of the property and the area that the property is in the rentals can vary by quite a lot. For a 2 bedroom flat in Cape Town, you can pay between R 4000.00 – R 7000.00.

For a freestanding 3 bedroom house in a good area you can expect to pay between R 7000.00 – R 15 000.00, again depending on the area and the size of the property.